Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Last Night Of COMPRESSION?!?

Well, shit, gang: it looks like this Thursday may be the last ever weekly Compression. Eight years in the bay, but thanks to cantankerous club management and, frankly, a lack of heads willing to roll downtown to club TEMPLE, this is it. Maybe we'll do some one-offs, who knows. But if this were a TV sitcom, right now is when we would roll the montage of past clips, starting from the day the crew first met, through all the amazing music and drunken lunacy, up until our last night ever this week. And yes, the episode would end with us hugging and turning out the lights one final time, the camera lingering on the decks as we walked away . . .


BADNB champs, REFLEX crew members and longtime friends of Compression LUKEINO and ED HEIGHTS have teamed up with Compression's own MC AX!OM to release THE BRIDGE Vol. 1 (, a new DnB mixtape that will melt your face off! It's free on the night, so get rowdy and leave with a handful of quality DnB.

And trust: the last time LUKEINO and THE HEIGHTS were through, they blew Compression's minds with their spot-on mixing and truly excellent productions. Add AX!OM to the mix, and shit's sure to be extra hectic. Fuck! It's our last night, let's burn the place to the GROUND.

Support on the night from our old friend, DJ MUNK.
We ain't seen MUNK in a minute, but last time we did, he was rocking the smooth rollers like your mom rocks a mustache. Also part of the famed REFLEX crew, Munk is a fucking great guy and an even better DJ. Roll out early, start getting appropriately shitfaced, and groove to the butter funk of the one like MUNKLE.

As always, support on the night from COMPRESSION CREW, and second room by the DOWN LIKE THAT DJ's.
Doors open at 10pm, then at 3am close FOREVER.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer of Madness: 4Real, the Beets!! and MC Zezo

This week we welcome two of the City's finest, 4Real and the Beets!!

When you were still a wee baby, sucking on yer mama's massive teat, 4Real was already mixing records. From Throb records in 1996 to Breakbeat Science in 1999, from motherfucking Eklektik to Groundscore, 4Real has been part of the San Francisco DnB scene, always rocking the casbah with his broad mix of moody stompers and straight-up rollers. We last saw him killing it on the Groundscore stage at the Haight Street fair, but as he told us then, that was just a warm-up to the MURDER he plans to release at Compression on Thursday. Sack up, City! They call him 4Real cause he's the TRUTH.

MEANWHILE, at the other end of the spectrum, it's the city's newest badboys, THE MOTHERFUCKING BEETS!!!

One word: YAHTZEE!! Old-school Compression heads and new-school SFDNB BADASSES, the Beets!! rock out with a Compression flair, mixing quick and dropping bombs. Last time they played, they rolled through with the massive Yahtzee Crew, looking cool and getting the dancefloor rowdy as FUCK. They got the records, they got the techniques, they got the chicks, and they got the fat ass joints!! Beets!! in the house, baby, it's gonna be SICK!

And on the mic, Colonel's brother from another mother, MC ZEZO

Repping New York, Los Angles, and Miami, MC Zezo is an old skool MC with nu school flavor. Maybe you saw him at the World of DnB in Miami, maybe you've caught him at I Love LA, maybe you saw him killing it with 4Real and Colonel at the Haight Street Fair--whatever the case, you know Zezo brings HEAT with a ragga-flavor. Colonel rates him BIG (and has been working on getting him and his cousin MC Dino to do a DnB remake of the Three Amigos' "Buttercup"), and Compression is always stoked to see him through. Zezo's relocated SF now, so expect to see him at Compression (and elsewhere) on the regular. With Zezo in town, LA's loss is our rowdy gain!

Support on the night from our own DJ MAL and the rest of the Compression crew.

Drink specials all night; FREE to get in the door; 21+.
SECOND ROOM BY DOWN LIKE THAT DJ'S, with M3, Jeno and the gang.


Telly says: I fucked your mama!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer of Madness: SS and TALI

IT'S THE BIG ONE, MOTHAFUCKAS!! Representing Formation and the World of Drum and Bass: DJ SS and MC TALI

What else is there to say about the one like SS? Head of Formation records, producer of legendary tracks like LIGHTER, ringleader of the World of Drum and Bass tour: SS is one of THE primary moving forces in Drum and Bass as we know it. He's also Professor Emeritus of Compression and has absolutely TORN the club to the GROUND everytime he's played.

SS has said Compression is one of his very favorite places to play in the world, and that Compression heads are amongst the nuttiest (and, likely, the drunkest). Get ready as the fucking DON, the fucking DUKE of DnB returns to wreck shop!!

At his side on this very special night is quite likely the world's greatest female MC, TALI. You might know her from the Lyric on her Lip, or from her work with Krust and Die as part of I, Kamanchi, or from her work touring with Roni Size, or maybe from her amazing performance (alongside SS) at the World of DnB, San Francisco last year. But even if you don't, TRUST, she's an amazing MC, full of lyrics, song, and great, soulful vibes. We're stoked to have her in the house, so roll out and see how a professional do!!

Support on the night from Compression Residents 2Cents and the Colonel MC.

Doors open at 10pm; $5 before 11.
Drink specials all night long
Second room with DOWN LIKE THAT DJ'S, featuring house, electro, and other less crazy beats.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer of Badness: Craggz & Parallel Forces

Last week was our biggest yet at TEMPLE. More beer got drank, more fists got thrown up, and more people rocked the dancefloor than ever. DJs SHARP, MAL, IVRY, AYE~N and guest DJ GENOME firebombed the motherfucking house, while MCs COLONEL, AX!OM and special guest ZEZO had the crowd shouting along. WHAT COULD BE ROWDIER?


After taking time out for cheese and wine tasting, intergalactic travel and self-discovery, Craggz and Parallel Forces are back! Having fulfilled their album commitment to Valve and releasing the critically acclaimed "Northern Soul" album, the lads have decided to spread the joy and pen some original offerings for some other great labels. Over the next few months they have releases lined up on Critical, CIA, and their own label, Product Recordings.

Be sure to check their myspace for information on their bio and upcoming tracks, but trust us: C&PF ain't no usual COMPRESSION guest, and don't drop only that usual COMPRESSION sound. These guys will smooth it out, build it up , take it deep and bounce it around. If you don't know what we're talking about, check out their brand-new mix for PYRO RADIO or peep their KNOWLEDGE mix from last year with MC Deeism. Both mixes showcase C&PF's diversity, skill, and excellent sense of flow. Expect sheer D&B freshness when these dudes blow up the spot this Thursday.

Support on the night by COMPRESSION CREW's resident technicians IVRY, SHARP, and THE COLONEL.

IVRY and SHARP were on FIRE last week, people, and we anticipate even more heat from them this week when they open for C&PF. Also, Look for THE COLONEL to rip it on the mic like always, this week with special help from MC ASTRO.

Reppin the dirty dirty (well, Texas--is that the dusty dusty?), ASTRO is a serious contender for best new USDNBMC. He's lit up COMPRESSION before, and we're happy to welcome back ASTRO's fresh blend of hip-hop realism and DnB musicianship. He's a pro, maaaaaan, and will be rocking in the TEMPLE this week!

In the second room, take a break from the D&B and get sexy with the DOWN LIKE THIS DJ'S . . .

$5 after 10pm; drink specials all night long.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Summer of Madness: BLADDER BUSTERS

Hoooooly shit, gang, it's time again for COMPRESSION's famed BLADDER BUSTERS!. All the free beer you can drink till somebody pees!!

Here's how it works: it's $10 at the door, or $5 if you bring one can of food for our homeless charity drive. Once inside, the drinking begins promptly at 9PM. You can drink as much beer as you can stand until somebody tinkles.

Yes, we will have a monitor on the bathroom, and no, you can't leave and come back and keep drinking. But for as long as you're there, and as long as the water in the toliet stays clear, the beers keep flowing. One hour? Two hours? Only time--and the size of our bladders--will tell.

But what if I don't show up until 9:30? Better drink double fast, then, bro, cause other fools are 30 minutes ahead of you.

What if I can keep drinking, but some jerk is headed towards the pisser? That, my friend, is why the lord invented peer pressure and/or shame.

What if I wear some fancy penis harness that allows me to pee into a bag in my sock? Jesus, man, slow it down, it's just free beer.

Remember: there ain't no work Friday and nothing to do except sit around in the sun and get drunk again, so Thursday night it's going to be on. COMPRESSION STYLES, BABY!

And while we get hammered into obivion, enjoy the thumping sounds of COMPRESSION CREW, featuring IVRY, SHARP, MAL, AYE~N, COLONEL and our newest resident, the mighty mighty MC AX!OM

There's hardly a crew in the Bay Area where AX!OM isn't a resident, so it's high time he joined forces with COMPRESSION CREW, too. Known for his insane variety of rhyming styles and his musician's delivery, AX!OM always "keeps it lively" in the dance without ever overpowering the funk. From his energy to his flow, Ax!om rocks shit the fuck out, and is a fantastic new addition to the COMPRESSION family. Big ups, Ben, it's high fucking time!!

$10, or $5 with a can of food.