Saturday, April 5, 2008

World of DnB Miami was CRAZY

Girrrrrrl, you woulda been proud of your boy!

Compression RINSED Miami this year, holding down the World of Drum and Bass 2008 with the most funky and rowdy second room the party's seen in years. Visionary, R.A.W., Mason and D*Star, Armanni, Dino and on and on--truly, the room cracked the fuck OFF as STATESIDE drum and bass represented to the FULLEST. And when it was Compression's turn, Ivry rocked it sideways before Aye~n and Mal delivered what may have been the set of the night, dropping bomb after bomb with Colonel and Angel charging behind. Seriously, y'all, the room swinged and swayed all night long like only Compression (and maybe Lionel Ritchie) can do. It even LOOKED like Compression in there. I mean: god tothe DAMN.

But yo the main room looked like this:

Zezo, Colonel, Dino, Loca and G1 cross the line.

Lick the magic.

Robster Craw is born.

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We will see you there back NEXT YEAR. Start saving up to make it there now!