Saturday, March 1, 2008

Thursday the 28th: Lukeino, the Heights and the Beets!!

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Sweet jesus, Goldie was ROCKIN. The crowd partied like it was 1999, Mal and 4 Real killed the world, and Audio Angel came back to life to help the Colonel hype it up about as hyped as it could get. It was one for the books, no doubt! (Stay tuned for ridiculous photos from La Loca.)

This week, we keep the vibe rolling (all the way down hill to the WORLD OF DRUM AND BASS ON MARCH 21) with Compression friends LUKEINO & the HEIGHTS:

You know these two pimps. Representing REFLEX crew, Lukeino is one of San Francisco's old guard, a true original who will drop your girl's panties and make you scream like you're being murdered, all with the same song. At his side will be The Heights, one of BADNB's freshest and most promising DJs. He made his name at the Love Fest in 2006 (I can never turn that corner in front of the Civic Center without thinking of his set) and continues to rock dancefloors like a motherfucking hurricaine.

These fools are coming with a stack of their own fresh beats that, TRUST ME, will cold rock the party like MC Lyte.

But, like, if that wasn't enough to convince you to drag yer chunky butt up off the couch and come party with us, it's also time again for

THE BEETS! Compression heads and the city's best upcoming, upfront drum and bass DJ's.

Now, we could talk about the EPIC set they played last time, but let me tell you this: one night the Compression crew was out on the back porch, getting TOE UP, and all of a sudden we heard somebody drop "Rubbish" at a nearby houseparty. We look, and there's all these people going apeshit in somebody's kitchen, hands in the air apeshit to full-throttle DnB. The DJ's were dropping bomb after bomb, every two minutes another bomb. We're all chilling on the portch, laughing, going "shit, who the hell are those guys?" It was the fucking BEETS.

In a day when most people don't even know what DnB is, the BEETS rocked that house party like George Clinton on crack. And that, as they say, is COMPRESSION STYLES.

Check out The Beets most inappropriate MYSPACE

Free before 11; $5 after. And if you're asking yourself "Will I get as hyphy as I was at Goldie?" the answer is: it's up to YOU. We're that hyphy every week!