Wednesday, April 30, 2008

White People Night

This week, we're doing it for whitey.

We here at Compression appreciate that Drum and Bass can be especially scary to white people. There's big bass, a charging beat, and funky drum "breaks" that can make dancing difficult. I mean, how do you count "1-2-3-4" in your head to a beat that goes "1-2. 3-4"? Whitey sure as hell don't know, so he's headed over to a Trance party, where all his friends are waiting for him--with glowsticks and hugs!

But yo, whitey, hang on a second!

Yeah, you--with the cool mustache and feather earring! This week, Compression Crew is doing it for you! Sure, we'll be playing all the newest, heaviest, funkiest D&B, but this week Compression's going to make it easy on you.

FIRST up, we're hosting the night in TEMPLE'S Destiny Lounge, aka the WHITE ROOM. How comforting is that?

SECOND, we'll have dance lessons FOR white people BY white people! Come learn how to catch the groove, or at the very least, fake the funk. (See the Colonel for your free lesson.)

THIRD, as part of Compression's new second room, the TEMPLE UNDERGROUND, Temple residents will be dropping ELECTRO and other white-people's music in the Catacombs, so if you get overwhelmed by the funky bass, you can always retreat for a few minutes and clog or line-dance or something to calm yourself down.

FINALLY, the talent on the night is the incomporably white COMPRESSION CREW.

How goddamn white are those fools? It's like that movie Powder or something!

So, honkey, roll out and catch the groove. Be warned that there are likely to be a number of non-white people there doing some kind of XJ-9000 dance that makes you nervous, and the deliciously caramel La Loca will likely be snapping your picture, but never mind them. This week is yours! Come out, start counting in your head, and DANCE, WHITE PEOPLE, DANCE!!

As always, we get crackin' at about 10:30. Smoking area outside, beer and drink specials at the bar, peoples of all colors rocking on the dancefloor.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

HAVOC Returns. To Temple Underground!!

This week, the MAN who started Compression is BACK. Pimpin, macking: shit, y'all, it's HAVOC

Witness the fitness. DJ Havoc's back in the house, 2000 styles bat outta hell. I mean, seriously: this pimp was droppin bombs at age 12 or something. In party years, he's 72. And he's ready throw grenades in the white room this thursday, no doubt.


HOT. Compression thursdays welcomes TEMPLE UNDERGROUND--dirty, nasty, sexy electro with Tone and the rest of the Temple Crew dropping freaky beats in the dark . This week, take a break from the DnB and party like a hipster in the Catacombs...

In the White Room, COMPRESSION gets freakalicious like always with TWO CENTS, aka the DJ's knowm as Aye~n and Mal...

What we got to say about these fools? Nothing! CAUSE YOU ALREADY KNOW!!

And leading the charge on the mic is Compression favorite MC Ax!om aka "The Hawk."

With Colonel still trying to raise bail, Ax!om will be holding the mic this week, and shit, is your mama STOKED. Versatile, rowdy, and smoother that a bottle of Crown Royale, Ax!om basically owns. Come experience San Francisco's finest as the man gets down with Compression crew.

Support from resident Temple hottie, Ms. DoZier

Get down and join in the funk. We get crackin at about 10:45!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

DJ Sharp Presents: Ladies Night.

Shit, baby. It's ladies night this Thursday at Compression with DJ SHARP and the rest of the Compression Crew. Come out, get down, and understand why we call drum and bass the sexualized funk.

You don't know Sharp? Need to get to know. One of San Francisco's most precise DJs and most eligible bachelors (wink!), Sharp comes at drum and bass from the R&B side, dropping tracks that rock but also sooth the soul. Sweet perfection is what we've come to expect from the man, and Sharp never ever disappoints, always rolling it out fresh and clean.

If you smell excitement, that a Sharp headline set. We're ready, he's ready, and we want you to come out get down with us, ladies night style.

With support from the professional, Mr. DJ IVRY.

Recognize the IVRY. He's old school, he's new school, he IS Compression. Bringing goodness for you and your girl, Ivry's ready to take it DEEP.

You know how we do:
Free for ladies all night, $5 for dudes after 11.
Drink specials, dirty bizness, oh god jesus.

Be sure to pose for photos by the lady La Loca.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sniff the Bass: Aye~n & Colonel Give a Shit LIVE

Check out the rest of the photos Here

So yeah, we been hyping up Aye~n and Colonel's new mix "Tried To Give a Damn, Couldn't Give a Shit" for a few weeks now, and the response has been wicked (see post below). But damn, some fools are claiming that there's no way we recorded that shit live, that we must have put it together on a computer. Say whaaat?

We don't stand for no shit talking, so this week we're doing the mix LIVE. Roll out, get rowdy, and watch us put it down AGAIN. LIVE. COMPRESSION STYLES.

So again, that's DJ AYE~N



Pictures by the one and only LA LOCA.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Compression TV!!

Compression takes it to the next level with COMPRESSION TV!!

Brought to you by the team at 4D Communications, COMPRESSION TV will feature the Crew's performances and adventures from San Francisco to Miami and back again.

Stay tuned for the full meal deal, but for now, enjoy this tasty teaser from the World of Drum and Bass MIAMI.

And here's what it looked like in SAN FRANCISCO

Stay Tuned for more....

Saturday, April 5, 2008

World of DnB Miami was CRAZY

Girrrrrrl, you woulda been proud of your boy!

Compression RINSED Miami this year, holding down the World of Drum and Bass 2008 with the most funky and rowdy second room the party's seen in years. Visionary, R.A.W., Mason and D*Star, Armanni, Dino and on and on--truly, the room cracked the fuck OFF as STATESIDE drum and bass represented to the FULLEST. And when it was Compression's turn, Ivry rocked it sideways before Aye~n and Mal delivered what may have been the set of the night, dropping bomb after bomb with Colonel and Angel charging behind. Seriously, y'all, the room swinged and swayed all night long like only Compression (and maybe Lionel Ritchie) can do. It even LOOKED like Compression in there. I mean: god tothe DAMN.

But yo the main room looked like this:

Zezo, Colonel, Dino, Loca and G1 cross the line.

Lick the magic.

Robster Craw is born.

See the rest of La Loca's pictures HERE

We will see you there back NEXT YEAR. Start saving up to make it there now!


Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Back from rocking Miami and the World of Drum and Bass, Compression Crew is at full-force and ready to kick ass. Not sure who is playing tonight(wait: see below!), but I do know that COMPRESSION KILLS SON, so be there, and come party with Honey Bear.

Oh and come say hi to our new DJ, ROBSTER CRAW 9000.

See you there, and remember: HAVE FUN OR NOT.

This just in: the line-up for tonight.


Free before 11; $5 after.
Come get buck wild, hear the Miami stories and check out our dope tans!!