Sunday, June 1, 2008

Summer of Madness: DJ Aries AND Danny the Wildchild.

OOOF!! After the ruckus in the basement last week, you were probably hoping for a reprive, maybe a little easy listening and warm tea with which you could soothe your aching mojo. But sorry, Compression Headz, this is the SUMMER OF MADNESS, and it's time to get it on proper, COMPRESSION STYLE.

So say hello to my lil' fren, DANNY THE WILDCHILD

From the dawn of the Junglistic States, DANNY THE WILDCHILD has been there--a DJ above all others, able to take your record bag and make it rock like you never imagined. Armed with tricks and techniques that drum and bass DJ's just aren't supposed to have, Danny attacks the decks, busting out rapid-fire mixes that result in a set that's more than the sum of its parts. He never fails to leave Compression in ruins, so this Thursday night, come down, join in the fray, and RECOGNIZE: DANNY THE WILDCHILD, y'all, is the motherfucking SHIT.

But because this is the SUMMER OF MADNESS, we ain't stopping there. Spark the trees, grab your visine, and get ready to skank to the unmistakable sounds of DJ ARIES.

Representing Digital Soundboy and Co-Lab Recordings (among others), Aries specializes in dubwise drum and bass, keeping it roots-based but always fresh as a Humbolt harvest. Hailing from Birmingham, UK, "the Goat" has been remixed by Visionary and TC, applauded by Shy FX, and featured on BBC 1XTRA. Smoke em if you got em, gang (and we know you do), it's time to fucking SWING and SWAY to the sounds of Aries.

Getting everything all toasty for the evening are your opening DJ's, TWO CENTS, with help from the esteemed COLONEL MC

It's the COMPRESSION WRECKING CREW, and you know these fools never played an "opening set" in their lives. Get drunk at home, get there early, and get ready to RUUMMMMMBLE!!

Compression pics by the always fantastic LA LOCA. Smile for her, we want YOU on HERE. And just in case you weren't paying attention to current events, the SUMMER OF MADNESS has started off like this like THIS:

Only $5 all night long! Topless ladies free! HONEY BEAR LOVES YOU.