Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer of Madness: 4Real, the Beets!! and MC Zezo

This week we welcome two of the City's finest, 4Real and the Beets!!

When you were still a wee baby, sucking on yer mama's massive teat, 4Real was already mixing records. From Throb records in 1996 to Breakbeat Science in 1999, from motherfucking Eklektik to Groundscore, 4Real has been part of the San Francisco DnB scene, always rocking the casbah with his broad mix of moody stompers and straight-up rollers. We last saw him killing it on the Groundscore stage at the Haight Street fair, but as he told us then, that was just a warm-up to the MURDER he plans to release at Compression on Thursday. Sack up, City! They call him 4Real cause he's the TRUTH.

MEANWHILE, at the other end of the spectrum, it's the city's newest badboys, THE MOTHERFUCKING BEETS!!!

One word: YAHTZEE!! Old-school Compression heads and new-school SFDNB BADASSES, the Beets!! rock out with a Compression flair, mixing quick and dropping bombs. Last time they played, they rolled through with the massive Yahtzee Crew, looking cool and getting the dancefloor rowdy as FUCK. They got the records, they got the techniques, they got the chicks, and they got the fat ass joints!! Beets!! in the house, baby, it's gonna be SICK!

And on the mic, Colonel's brother from another mother, MC ZEZO

Repping New York, Los Angles, and Miami, MC Zezo is an old skool MC with nu school flavor. Maybe you saw him at the World of DnB in Miami, maybe you've caught him at I Love LA, maybe you saw him killing it with 4Real and Colonel at the Haight Street Fair--whatever the case, you know Zezo brings HEAT with a ragga-flavor. Colonel rates him BIG (and has been working on getting him and his cousin MC Dino to do a DnB remake of the Three Amigos' "Buttercup"), and Compression is always stoked to see him through. Zezo's relocated SF now, so expect to see him at Compression (and elsewhere) on the regular. With Zezo in town, LA's loss is our rowdy gain!

Support on the night from our own DJ MAL and the rest of the Compression crew.

Drink specials all night; FREE to get in the door; 21+.
SECOND ROOM BY DOWN LIKE THAT DJ'S, with M3, Jeno and the gang.


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