Monday, May 5, 2008

Robin Willams Strikes Again.

Nanu Nanu, fuckface, Compression is closed this week thanks to ROBIN WILLIAMS.

As if ROBIN WILLIAMS hadn't done enough to screw the universe* with Insomnia, License to Wed, Ms. Doubtfire, the one where he played a robot, Patch fucking Adams, and, oh god, Jakob the Liar, now this week he and his celebrity buddies (including that pirate guy) are taking over the ENTIRE CLUB for some superduper celebrity buttlick fest.

So no Compression this week, gang. TRUST, though, that we'll be back next week, May 15th, with the motherfucking BEETS, Cannadub, and the Compression Crew ripping it like always.

And yo, be sure to roll out the Arrow on Saturday to see Aye~n, Ivry & Colonel crush it at the MAKEOUT SESSIONS for the Redline Crew. Click "read more" for details.

* Honestly, back when Williams was still on the yay, he was pretty damn funny. But the minute he started going for respect over laughs, it was straight down the shithole. He quickly became a parody of himself, developed that one horrible "serious face" that he now does in every movie or TV show he's in, and in general just sucked the abominable snowman's satchel. It's probably for the best that Compression's closed for the night, or otherwise he'd probably just want to get on the mic and try to MC using his "urban" voice. *shudder*

Here's the party where part of the crew will be on Saturday night:

See you there!