Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer of Madness: Imminent Destruction with Compression Crew

We're at DEFCON 2 (alert level orange) down at Club Temple as we get further into the SUMMER OF MADNESS and rapidly approach the JUNE OF TOTAL MAYHEM. Have you seen this line-up for next month?

June 5: Danny the WildChild, Aries
June 12: Social Security, Maneesh the Twister
June 19: Bachelors of Science, Fife, Audio Angel, Axiom MC
June 26: Compression CD Giveaway!!

But before we get to all that madness (which will continue through August!), let us take the time to smell the rocket fuel, prepare for impact, and otherwise rock out as only Compression Crew and Compression Headz can do. This thursday, it's your lovely residents starting the fire that will blaze for weeks . . .

We get cracking at 10; free before 11; drink specials all night (if you ask!)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Summer of Madness: SHYLOK

Are you ready for what's about to hit?

This summer, Compression is on FIRE, with Danny the Wildchild, Bachelors of Science, Social Security, DJ SS with MC Tali, Craggs and Parallel forces, and the one and only Bryan Gee. This week, we get the destruction started in style, with Portland DnB champion, DJ SHYLOK

Head of the notorious GODZ OF THUNDER crew and responsible for helping to build the Portland scene into the juggernaut it is today, SHYLOK is one sexy motherfucker who knows how to rock the house and rock it HARD. Often partnered with the mighty NOAH D and the OOPS crew (including SF's own ROOMATE), SHYLOK is a technically skilled DJ who ain't afraid to drop some bangers you might not otherwise hear at Compression. Rough and funky, SHYLOK always rocks a perfect progression, so get yourself ready to dance your ass off.

(Colonel also says: "Hey bitches, SHYLOK was the first DJ to book me as an MC, is the leader of the first crew I ever joined (G.O.T. forever, baby!), and is one of the best DJ's I've ever played with. He's also smooth all over like a girl and has real purty lips.")

Check out Shylok (and catch a mix) at the G.O.T. site.

Also on the night: Compression's own DJ AYE~N AND THE COLONEL MC

What else can we say about these pimps? AYE~N is back from his alcohol-and-sailing induced leave of absence; Colonel is getting ready for the unbelievably huge STATESIDE party in LA this weekend; both are undeniably out of control when they play together. Like the song says: THEY THE BIGGEST BOSS THAT YOU SEEN THUS FAR!! Roll out and watch them shake the foundations of the universe.

Plus the smooth funk of the mighty mighty DJ SHARP!

He's laughing because not even he can believe how smooth his last mix turned out. The man is a machine, a highly calibrated mixing machine. Expect perfection from the SHARP--he always fucking delivers!!


Monday, May 12, 2008

Bring on THE BEETS!!

Compression is BACK this Thursday and in FULL EFFECT with the City's most exciting young turks, THE BEETS!

Booked all over this month (look for dates at Shelter, and at Bassism), these mofos continue to blow the fuck up. Rocking the freshest, most rumblinest funk, THE BEETS!! bring it hot and heavy for you and your mama. They also bring the infamous BEETS Crew with them, so get ready for a big, rowdy night on the Compression dancefloor.

Also playing on the night is Compression friend and favorite, CANADUB

The last time CANADUB played at Compression he dropped one of the top ten sets of the year, and this Thursday stands to be even doper. Known for his smooth, rolling style (both on the decks and off), Polar Bear CANADUB drops beats as rich as the chronic he puffs, and Compression is stoked to have him back. A great fucking DJ, moving force in SF DnB (and dubstep) and an all-around awesome guy, CANADUB is gwan rip it on Thursday night!

Our hosts for the evening: the legendary LADY BEETS

Support on the night from the COMPRESSION CREW and pictures by the one and only LA LOCA (pictured here with the mighty mighty ZACHATTACK!)

And don't forget about our new second room, the TEMPLE UNDERGROUND, featuring electro and other dirty beat bizness.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Robin Willams Strikes Again.

Nanu Nanu, fuckface, Compression is closed this week thanks to ROBIN WILLIAMS.

As if ROBIN WILLIAMS hadn't done enough to screw the universe* with Insomnia, License to Wed, Ms. Doubtfire, the one where he played a robot, Patch fucking Adams, and, oh god, Jakob the Liar, now this week he and his celebrity buddies (including that pirate guy) are taking over the ENTIRE CLUB for some superduper celebrity buttlick fest.

So no Compression this week, gang. TRUST, though, that we'll be back next week, May 15th, with the motherfucking BEETS, Cannadub, and the Compression Crew ripping it like always.

And yo, be sure to roll out the Arrow on Saturday to see Aye~n, Ivry & Colonel crush it at the MAKEOUT SESSIONS for the Redline Crew. Click "read more" for details.

* Honestly, back when Williams was still on the yay, he was pretty damn funny. But the minute he started going for respect over laughs, it was straight down the shithole. He quickly became a parody of himself, developed that one horrible "serious face" that he now does in every movie or TV show he's in, and in general just sucked the abominable snowman's satchel. It's probably for the best that Compression's closed for the night, or otherwise he'd probably just want to get on the mic and try to MC using his "urban" voice. *shudder*

Here's the party where part of the crew will be on Saturday night:

See you there!