Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer of Madness: Bachelors of Science, Audio Angel, Sharp, Fife, Ax!om

This week is special down at Compression, as we welcome drum and bass superstars BACHELORS OF SCIENCE and celebrate the release of their new track, HORIZONS.

In case you've been on glue for the last year, the BACHELORS OF SCIENCE are Phil 'Rene' Collis and Chris Doe. Hailing from San Francisco, California, the Bachelors of Science have already become firm fixtures in the global dnb scene with their unique sound ranging from liquid flavors to dancefloor beats, with tracks smashing into top record boxes with the likes of Brian Gee, Bailey, LTJ Bukem, Grooverider, High Contrast, Doc Scott, Flight, Alix Perez, Redeyes, JuJu, and L Double to name but a few.

After several very successful releases in 2006 including "Jah No Dead" and "Wicked Ways", the Bachelors busted ass on their debut LP "Science Fiction," which was released on Horizons Music on January, 2008, and included the smash hits "Song For Lovers", "Strings Track", "People Together" and "The Ice Dance". The album was Number One nine weeks in a row on the DnB Arena Download chart, and continues to smash up the world with its lush, heartfelt production.

Not much could improve upon the Bachelors' current sound, except for maybe an extremely rare appearance by the Queen of US MC's, the mighty mighty AUDIO ANGEL.

There was once a time in San Francisco--first at Eklektik, and then at Compression--when you could enjoy the funktastic vocal stylings of the ANGEL every week. But those days are no more, so roll out this Thursday and remind yourself why you came to enjoy SFDNB so much in the first place. The lady rocks it!!

Especially when she's supported by MC Ax!om!

Ladies love him, girls adore him, even the ones he's never met before. He's MC Ax!om, Compression friend and badass MC. Put him together with Audio Angel and you got yourself a well-oiled MC machine, perfectly smooth and funky, the optimum counterpart to the sounds of the SCIENCE.

Also on the night, Groundscore legend, DJ FIFE!

FIFE is a man of many funky rollers, so expect the club to be buzzing before the Science this Thursday with his polished brand of diversity. We haven't seen FIFE in minute, so Compression is excited for him to be back in the house!


When he ain't romancing the ladies, he's romancing the decks, dropping the smooth sort of COMPRESSION funk that's perfect for a night of Science! Get out early and catch the man in action as he rips another solid, SHARP set!

As always, support from COMPRESSION CREW, and LOVE from the HONEY BEAR.
Free before 10; $5 thereafter; drink specials all night!

Second room by TEMPLE UNDERGROUND, featuring electro, house, and other dirrrrty business.