Saturday, September 26, 2009


Music parades, naked men, outdoor drinking, outdoor smoking, freaks, geeks, lovers, haters, drugs, dancing and general rowdiness is what makes San Francisco what is it. So make sure you get your ass out on OCTOBER 3 and come spend the day with BADNB and COMPRESSION as we take part in a San Francisco classic: LOVEVOLUTION.

The BADNB float will be in full fx all day from 11:30 a.m. when it's just about time to crack open that first beer of the day and pop that first ecstasy pill, until 8:30 p.m. when you are feeling so crazy that you can't even remember what your mamma's name is. Compression stars will help keep the day going with DJ Sharp playing at 1:30 p.m., DJ Lukeino playing at 6:50 p.m., and 2Cents closing out the night at 7:30 p.m. The Colonel MC and MC Ax!om will be hosting the event. See you there, and MAKE SURE YOU BRING EARPLUGS. (Full lineup after the jump.)

When LOVEVOLUTION finishes and you are not ready to go home because the 10th ecstasy pill you took has just kicked in and you just smoked a joint that is making you see colors, don't despair, just walk your trippin ass over to 6th Street for the LOVEVOLUTION AFTERPARTY AT CLUB 6.

That's right, there is a fucking AFTERPARTY that goes until 3 a.m. and is just blocks from the Civic Center. Staring DJ PENDULUM, this party is not to be missed.

You can sleep when you die, so for now, come spend the day with us and while you will likely wake up with a wicked headache the next day, your mouth tasting like a bum's asshole, sleeping next to one or more people you have never seen before, you will not regret a moment of it.


11:30 Peter Be!
11:50 Eskae
12:10 Highside
12:30 Freya
12:50 Robin Weber
01:10 Sharp
01:30 Sik
01:50 The Heights
02:10 Hybrid Strain
02:30 Touchphonics
02:50 Canadub
03:10 Kinetik
03:30 No Komply
03:50 Method One
04:10 The Doctor
04:30 War//Breaker
04:50 Glyph
05:10 R3M & Grace
05:30 Bachelors of Science
05:50 Gridlok
06:10 HaDji
06:30 Salokin
06:50 Lukeino
07:10 DJ Push & Mike Bee
07:35 2Cents

Hosted By:

Audio Angel
MC Duh
Emcee Child
Colonel MC
Manny Vibes


08:00p Rifle
08:30p Grace
09:00p Freya
09:30p Salokin
10:00p The Heights
11:00p Bachelors of Science
12:00p Method One
01:00a KJ Sawka

09:00p War//Breaker b2b Sik
10:00p Lukeino b2b Sharp
11:00p Gridlok
12:00a Pendulum
02:00a 2Cents
03:00a Danny The Wildchild

08:00p Eskae
09:00p Koda
10:00p Honey Knuckles
11:00p MoPo
12:00a Ground Control
01:00a Maneesh The Twister