Tuesday, April 22, 2008

HAVOC Returns. To Temple Underground!!

This week, the MAN who started Compression is BACK. Pimpin, macking: shit, y'all, it's HAVOC

Witness the fitness. DJ Havoc's back in the house, 2000 styles bat outta hell. I mean, seriously: this pimp was droppin bombs at age 12 or something. In party years, he's 72. And he's ready throw grenades in the white room this thursday, no doubt.


HOT. Compression thursdays welcomes TEMPLE UNDERGROUND--dirty, nasty, sexy electro with Tone and the rest of the Temple Crew dropping freaky beats in the dark . This week, take a break from the DnB and party like a hipster in the Catacombs...

In the White Room, COMPRESSION gets freakalicious like always with TWO CENTS, aka the DJ's knowm as Aye~n and Mal...

What we got to say about these fools? Nothing! CAUSE YOU ALREADY KNOW!!

And leading the charge on the mic is Compression favorite MC Ax!om aka "The Hawk."

With Colonel still trying to raise bail, Ax!om will be holding the mic this week, and shit, is your mama STOKED. Versatile, rowdy, and smoother that a bottle of Crown Royale, Ax!om basically owns. Come experience San Francisco's finest as the man gets down with Compression crew.

Support from resident Temple hottie, Ms. DoZier

Get down and join in the funk. We get crackin at about 10:45!