Sunday, December 14, 2008


Hardcore Porn is back, now on FRIDAYS, and excited to set off the first monthly of many more to come. Bridging the gap between hipster cool and big bass craziness, Hardcore Porn is setting the new Lower Hater pace. Come get some, and peep fucking game with this month's bad-ass lineup:

Eli Glad is the young turk of the SF electro scene. Holding down residencies at Smut, Youngbloodz and Cassettes; he is a local favorite of fellow dj's and partygoers alike. Diversity and excitement--the man fucking brings it.

Evan Tenderlion may be a newcomer to the electro scene, but not new to making music. Prior to ‘dance’ production, Evan Atkinson, one half of the duo of the Tenderlions, used to make hip hop beats in high school. He has been quite busy as of late, playin parties around SF and creating a buzz in the process, and for good reason- the Tenderlions concoct some very solid music."

Aye~n has been a member of the San Francisco music scene for about a decade, earning his much deserved respect in the eyes of every SF DJ. From throwing Compression, the wildest DnB party in the city, to hosting the Americas room at the World of Drum and Bass WMC Miami every year, he has pulled together and played with some of the worlds greatest DJs. Whether it's his skilled mixing ability, his recent productions, or his upbeat bass-heavy track selection, people continue to come out and see Aye~ n destroy the dance floor.

Big Sounds may be the new DJ in town, but his talent says otherwise. Already with the BADNB love fest float set under his belt, Big Sounds has been and continues to bring these massive sounds as he gives you bassline after bassline. Deriving the name from his fathers record shop in Plainfield, NJ, in the 70s, Big Sounds carries on the legacy bringing the people great music, and a great party, whenever they're in need. When you hear the volume go up a few notches, get ready for a copious amount of Sound...and Porn.

The Colonel MC-- well you know. West Coast MC staple, nobody brings the fire like your boy. And with Compression on hiatus, he's about ready to explode. Come hear the new shit as Colonel gets down with two of the best DnB Dj's in America.

Underground SF, Friday Night!