Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2 Cents & Colonel rock the SHELTER

YES! Next Tuesday your boys 2 CENTS are dropping "something different" at Shelter. What the fuck does that mean? Maybe it's an oldschool set, maybe it's an all Full Cycle set 1998-2002, maybe it's a drum funk set. Okay, it's definitely not a drumfunk set, LOL.

COLONEL is backing them up, and also on the night are local legends MIKE B and PUSH, dropping old school DnB FATNESS. Shelter honcho CANNADUB and Lower Hater NESTA are opening the night with the Chronicy jams, so, shit: grab your stash, grab a few bucks for some cheap drinks, and let's get to skankin!

Your mom said to tell you she'd be there (but don't get sad if she's too wasted to recognize you!)