Tuesday, February 17, 2009

STAY LOW with Compression Crew

Our good friends at REFLEX are throwing a new monthly throw-down called STAY LOW, and COMPRESSION crew is stoked to be involved on the inagural night.

Roll out to UNDERGROUND SF (two blocks east of our LOWER HATER headquarters) and check the bouncing sounds of 2 CENTS, SHARP, MC AX!OM, and THE COLONEL. Also on the night are REFLEX bossman (and SF promoter extraordinaire) LUKEINO, BIG SOUNDS, MC ZEZO, and SF's newest DnB upstart, ESKAE. As always, this will be bootie-rockin BIG BEATS, even BIGGER BASS, and the sort of sexy-ass antics you expect from Compression Crew.

$5 ALL NIGHT, insanely stiff, cheap drinks, and all the hands-in-the-air drum and bass you can stand. COMPRESSION HEADS, COME THROUGH--WE MISS YOU!!