Monday, August 18, 2008

Compression Crew this Week in San Francisco

What a weekend. Hardcore Porn went off and was one of the best parties to hit Underground SF. Check out the pictures:

Hot lovin
The party

Check the rest of the pictures at Here

Yo, with the club still on hiatus, check out COMPRESSION CREW this week on Friday and Saturday at UNDERGROUND SF.

On Friday, 2 Cents (Aye~n and Mal) and the Colonel will be closing things out at BASSISM, Tommy Lexxus' monthly dedicated to dubsteb, drum and bass, and all things wobbly. It's a family affair, so stop by, get drunk for cheap, take advantage of the smoking chamber out back, and then GO NUTZ. It's been three weeks since the crew has played, so look for a shit ton of new tracks from Aye~n and Mal, and a pocketful of new rhymes from the Colonel. . .

Then, on Saturday, something new. The first party from Compression favorites, THE BEETS!, known appropriately as HARDCORE PORN.

This should be awesome. The first half of the night features pimps ELI GLAD (from Emily Betty's hot new night, YOUNGBLOODZ) and NEW YNGSTRZ (of Radboys fame), dropping that dirty dirty electro biznass. Then, once everyone is lubed up, the COMPRESSION CREW and THE BEETS! are joining forces for a 6x2 drum and bass fuckfest. You KNOW the BEEES! always pack the house with their YAHTZEE CREW, so look for a rowdy club filled with of stylish hotties and dubious freaks.