Friday, January 25, 2008


This Valentines Day, take your lovely out to a fine dinner, enjoy a nice glass of Merlot, nibble some decadent chocolates for dessert, then, the way home, ask the driver of your horse-drawn carriage to take a little detour, downtown, to TEMPLE.

On this very special evening, the lovely ladies of REDLINE will be taking over Compression in the name of St. Valentine to bring you a quality night of thundering, sexual bass. Pulsating, sensual, rumbling bass like only REDLINE can drop.

Single gentlemen, please do not mistake these world class DJ's for mere objects of dirty bass beauty. Like the Pink Ladies to Compression's Fonz, they are some seriously tough chicks that will plant their boot in your ass and their bass in you face. They, like Compression, want you to get laid on Valentine's night, but at the very least will guarantee you get ROCKED.

So pre-order your roses. Have your suit cleaned. And start drinking Gatorade NOW. With REDLINE in the house, things are going to get SWEATY.

REDLINE DJ's on the night include:

Photos by LA LOCA