Friday, October 10, 2008


So, you ever been riding dirty, you drive right pass a cop, you poop your pants and wonder what if I get pulled over? Well, if you do, here are some quick tips. Know the law and empower yourself.

Officers can always ask you to identify yourself and you have to tell them who you are. They can ask you for ID and you need to produce ID, but other than that, you don't have to tell them shit. And you shouldn't. Now, for some hypos...

Hypo 1: you got some weed in the car...
Police can stop you when they have reasonable suspicion. This means if you violate any laws, like if you were on your cell phone, the police can stop you. If they do, they have the right to search the whole compartment of the car- this means the front seats, back seats, glove compartment, and center console. This means everything but the trunk. If they want to get into the trunk they need probable cause. So... keep your shit in the trunk! Safest place. And don't do nothing to give them an excuse to pull you over. If you're riding dirty, you're driving Miss Daisy. Get it? Put it in the trunk and drive like a saint. (And if you don't believe it, watch COPS. Everybody that gets busted got pulled over for a REASON, and that's why they're busted!!) Take your hat off, take your sunglasses off, get off the phone, put on your seatbelt. Think: MARINA.

Hypo 2: you have weed in the car, you didn't read this so you've stored it in the center console.
If the cops pull you over for a traffic violation they can search the whole compartment, they do not need a warrant! So, what do you do? if you are white, you are good. The officers probably will give you a ticket and let you go. But if you are not, then.. do not admit that you have anything, even if the cops say that if you tell them they will go easy on you. Either way, if the officers ask you to submit to a search say NO. They have the right to search anyways, but if you say NO then you will have something to fight about in court. You're probably not going to win, but at least you'll have something to fight. If they search and find the drugs, don't explain it it--don't say they belong to your room mate, or that you only smoke sometimes, just say you want to speak to an attorney! Nothing you say is going to help!! You're going to have to fight it out in court, so give them as little to work with as possible. And good luck!

Hypo 3: You're walking down the street, dirrrrty, and the cops approach you. You haven't done shit.
Officers can frisk of you for weapons. And if they during the frisk they feel something that feels like drugs they can pull that out. So always keep your weed in a cigarette pack or something that does not feel to the touch like drugs or a weapon.

Hypo 4: you had a little bit too much to drink at the club and now you have to drive home.
If you get pulled over and a DUI investigation begins.. (1) DO NOT tell the officer anything. Answer nothing affirmatively--don't lie, just refuse to answer. "I don't want to answer any questions without my attorney present." (2) You have to submit to a chemical test (blood or breath) by law or your license will be suspended for a year. This means you have to submit to a breath or blood test. But there are two types of breath tests given. One at the scene and one at the station. You do not have to submit to a breath test on the scene. They want to give you a breathalizer on the scene you do not have to submit, in fact, you should refuse this test. ALWAYS! There are no consequences for refusing it. Then you should tell the officers that you will submit to a blood test, never a breath test. Caveat: if you are under the influence of drugs, then submit to a breath test at the station (never ever submit to the breath test at the scene!)

Please remember, the police are NOT your friends. They may tell you that they will go easier if you cooperate. Do not believe this! Do not say anything!! People end up incriminating themselves and they don't even know it!! Always opt for your right to remain silent and always say you want an attorney. They have to stop all questioning when you say that!!

Compression wants you to get by, but recognize: this isn't legal advice, just some tips we came up with based on experience and a little bit of research! Don't ride dirty, but if you do, ride dirty and SMART. Good luck!